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We can advise executors in obtaining probate and administering the estates of deceased persons. At this difficult time we understand the importance of dealing sensitively with executors and beneficiaries.

We advise on the application for Grants of Letters of Administration in estates where the deceased person died without a will.

Where there is no will or if a will is not tax effective, it may be possible for the beneficiaries to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a deed of disclaimer. We can advise on all aspects of such deeds and their effect for inheritance tax and capital gains tax purposes.

We would advise on the Irish inheritance tax aspects and on the double taxation relief available in particular where the estate is liable to both UK or US capital taxes and Irish inheritance tax. Where the deceased person owned assets overseas, we can instruct lawyers in those countries to deal with the administration of those assets and to advise on any foreign taxes.

We can also advise lawyers and private individuals in foreign jurisdictions on aspects of Irish probate practice and inheritance tax. We can act for foreign solicitors and trust corporations in obtaining Irish Grants in foreign estates with Irish assets.